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Optional Colors! Billet Knobs!

Go Nuts!

Blue, Gold or Red on any volume control or adapter, for only $10 more.
Let's face it. Oversize knobs look dorky. But nice small knobs are very difficult to come by. My standard controls have the best, smallest knob I can find commercially. However I now offer even smaller, better fitting custom knobs I make in my own shop. Choose knurled or smooth, top or side indicator line (or none), 2- or 5-degree taper (or none. Knurled knobs aren't tapered.) The last two knobs in the photo have 2 and 5 degree taper, respectively. The 2 doesn't show in the photo but honestly I like it best. The second knob has an indicator line on top. All custom knobs are $19.

Price List:

Standard Vintage Control


I make these by the dozens and usually have them in stock - I can usually ship the day you order.

For crystal or ceramic elements, ask me about an "extra-hi-Z adapter." Sorry, I don't have a PayPal button for it yet.


Vintage Control - Unfinished Aluminum


You can paint or leave it as is. The unfinished surface will show scratches more easily but is easily touched up with some fine sandpaper.

For crystal or ceramic elements, ask me about an "extra-hi-Z adapter." Sorry, I don't have a PayPal button for it yet.


"Type 44" Adapter - Switchcraft Male to 1/4" phone Male

Order VIN-44

The photo shows the adapter installed on a standard control. The control is not included!


"Type 332A" Adapter - Switchcraft Female to 1/4" phone Female

Order VIN-332

XLR Low Impedance Control- Std


I make these up in advance and usually have them in stock - I can usually ship the day you order.

Important note about knob placement: I normally place the knob in-line with the "latches" for the best appearance. This is fine for "stick" mics like SM58. However if you have a bullet-type shell (BluesBlaster, Bushman Torpedo) you may want the knob oriented differently. Just let me know!


XLR Low Impedance Control- Black


See above note about knob placement.


Screw-on Cables $30 + $1 per foot
Custom Controls, Cables and Modifications Need a special connector? Custom Cable? Weird adapter? High-impedance XLR? Custom finish? Maybe I can help. You'll find a list of typical jobs, as well as pricing, on my Modifications and Custom Work page - or simply contact me.
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And if you're still not sure, email me with what you want and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Try it, you'll like it!

If you're not happy with the control for any reason, I will gladly refund your money. Simply return the control to me (in good condition) within 7 days of the date of purchase and I will refund the full purchase price.


All controls are warranted against electrical and/or mechanical failure for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have any problems with your control simply return it to me for repair or replacement.

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