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"Seeing your work makes me appreciate the difference between a 'real' mic tech like you and a guy like myself who just enjoys tinkering with the damn things....kinda like a shade-tree mechanic replacing oil and spark-plugs vs. the lead technician for a NASCAR or INDY champ!" — James T, Winter Springs, FL
I just wanted to mention a very good guy who just came through for me in a big way...he's Greg Heumann of dilema was that I had a Samson wireless unit with the snap-in AX1 (not 1/4" guitar bug) low impedence transmitter. I contacted Greg and asked him if it would be possible to build me an adapter with both an impedance matching transformer and a volume control that would allow me to use my high impedence mics with xlr connectors with the low impedence snap-in Samson AX1 transmitter. He said no problem and in a matter of days it was in my mailbox. I connected it and it worked beautifully. I couldnt be happier. it also meant that I didnt need to shell out $169.00 for a transmitter that would allow me to use my bullet mics, but only useful on one frequency. Since my new transformer is not frequency dependent it has manymore uses as well which to me is an added bonus. Posted by Harpo on HarpTalk, 5-21-08

Here's a simple, but very commonly requested modification - replacing a built in cable like this Shure 520D had with a Switchcraft connector. Although this seems like a simple mod, in fact it is not as straightforward as you might think.

The 2501MP connector was designed as a "panel mount" device. It comes with threads and a raised knurled portion on the part you can't see in this picture. The knurled part is for use when the connecter is pressed in to a properly sized hole. But the shape of a mic shell makes it very difficult to support while pressing the part in properly, so most pros turn or grind the knurled part off. However the hole in the mic is usually still too deep to get a nut on the inside, so it must be drilled and tapped with the proper threads. The connector is then threaded in and secured with Loctite.

Then there's the matter of a ground connection. You have to electrically connect the shell to the ground side of the mic element. The 2501MP comes with a solder lug but this won't work if you can't get a nut on inside the shell. In that case you have to drill and tap a small hole somewhere, crimp/solder a lug on the ground wire and anchor it there.

There's no rocket science to this stuff, but the investment in proper tools and some experience are why folks sometimes pay people like me to perform this service for them. I have several thousand dollars invested in my shop tools, including a lathe and milling machine, electronic test equipment, temperature controlled soldering station, arbor press, and many custom jigs for holding/fabricating/assembling.

The pictures below show some "before and after" conversions. Both of these required precision machined threaded inserts to mate the Switchcraft connector to the original socket housing. In addition internal modifications were required to support a grounding connector.

I love a challenge. Half the fun for me is figuring out how to do what you want to do. I have satisfied hundreds of customers. Got an idea? Email me. I'm happy to discuss it. If I can't solve your problem I won't charge you a dime.

Mic Mod Pricing

Install Switchcraft connector - drill and tap only $49
Install Switchcraft connector - machining required $65
Install volume control into a bullet shell $49

There are other possible combinations. Don't see what you need? Email me!


99S556 Dual Impedance CM (what was in a Shure 520D) $89 in stock
The Heumann Element * $159 in stock
99A86 / 99B86 CM (what was in a Shure 520) $159 in stock
99G86/99H86 white label CM's, Other "premium" CMs $199 in stock
99H86 / 99G86 white label CR's $249 in stock
99A86 / 99B86 / 99H86 / 99G86 black label CR's 1951-1954 $299 in stock
99A86 / 99B86 / 99H86 / 99G86 black label CR's 1948-1950 $329 in stock
Astatic MC-151 Crystal 100% output $249 in stock
Astatic MC-127 Ceramic $269 in stock
Shure R7 Crystal - 80% output $349 in stock
Shure R7 Crystal - 100% output $399 out of stock
Brush Puck Crystal - 80% output $249 in stock
Brush Puck Crystal - 100% output $329 in stock
Brush EV920 Crystal $369 in stock

You will probably need a gasket to fit the element to your shell. I make gaskets for $15. I need to know the element AND the shell if you order a gasket.

Gaskets is part of BlowsMeAway Productions

We make gaskets to fit these elements...

  • Astatic MC-101
  • Astatic MC-127
  • Astatic MC-151
  • Brush BA-1xx “puck” crystal
  • The Heumann Element
  • Shure Controlled Magnetic
  • Shure Controlled Reluctance
  • Shure 99B Crystal
  • Shure R7 Crystal

Into these shells...

  • Argonne AR54
  • Astatic JT30 Pre-war
  • Astatic JT30 Post-war
  • Astatic JT40
  • Astatic Model 30 "Biscuit"
  • Astatic 200
  • Astatic T3
  • Astatic DN-50
  • Astatic 10-DA
  • BlowsMeAway Cusstom Wood Mics
  • Calrad 400
  • ElectroVoice EV-605
  • ElectroVoice EV-630
  • ElectroVoice Spherex 920
  • Hohner HB52 (Heumann Element only)
  • RCA Challenger
  • Shure 440/520/707 Bullet
  • Turner +2 / 25X
  • Turner BX/CX/BD

Important - Not every element fits in every shell. Not sure? ASK!

Before Sending Me Your Mic

Please contact me before sending a mic for repair or customization. When you're ready, send to:

For U.S. Mail:

Greg Heumann
BlowsMeAway Productions
P.O. Box 341
Geyserville, CA 95441

For FedEx or UPS:

Greg Heumann
BlowsMeAway Productions
1271 Canyon Road
Geyserville, CA 95441

It is important that you pack your mic well, but please don't overdo it. It is important that it cannot move around in the box, so pad any exta space with anything that will not shift, like bubble wrap, crumpled paper, airbagss... but NOT styrofoam peanuts. Wrap the mic itself in at least one layer of bubble wrap, but let the box hold the bubble wrap around the mic. There is no need to use tape! (Clear tape makes it very difficult to unwrap, and I don't want to scratch your mic if I have to use a knife or scissors!)

Please include a note reminding me what its about, what else you might want with it, and how to reach you if I have questions. I will contact you with any decisions to be made, and I will send you a Paypal invoice when the work is complete.