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The tiny bullet mic with the huge tone

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The following quotes were copied from emails and Facebook posts. They have not been edited or reformatted. They are from pros like Billy Branch, Adam Gussow, Mickey Raphael, JJ Milteau- and all levels of player from beginner to pro.

"Big Things Come in Small Packages" When Greg Heumann first told me about his new Bulletini mic, I admit I was a little bit skeptical. I have been enjoying Heumann mics now for over 5 years. I can honestly say I have been very satisfied with the quality as well as the design of Heumann mics. I've always been somewhat of a rebel in terms of not using the "conventional" tools of the trade. For one thing, my amp of choice for my local gigs in Chicago has been a solid state Peavey. This is in contrast to the standard of using tube amps, specifically vintage ones. So when Greg told me that the Bulletini performed well with solid state amps, I was a little dubious. That is until I plugged it in. All I could say was wow! I was completely surprised by the tone this little mic produced. It has a very full sound (in contrast to some crystal mics). After playing with the settings on my amp, I was able to achieve a full bodied, rich tone, with just enough distortion to give it a bluesy sound. This mic is not tinny, and produces a nice bassy sound, which I like. In addition it is lightweight, but very solid and small enough to fit right in the palm of your hand, allowing you to easily cup your harp. I have yet to really try it with some of my other tube amps, but I'm confident with enough experimenting, I'll be able to get a good sound as well. I highly recommend the Bulletini for any serious harp player. Big things really do come in small packages. Billy Branch April 2,2016
Greg, Love the Bulletini! Sounds nice and fat when I run it thru the PA with Willie, and It has a great tone played thru any amp. Thank you Mickey Raphael April 9, 2016
"I received the Bulletini yesterday and tried it this morning. Absolutely great: sweet, round and sensitive ... I used the Bulletini for a club date and it worked great in the PA through my regular pedalboard. Warm sound, no feedback; a very good tool! Thanks a lot and all the best - JJ Milteau” April 8, 2016
I'm extremely happy with my Bulletini. It makes my amps come alive. It has a full, strong sound that doesn't constrict the tonal range of my harp the way that, for example, a Green Bullet does. So it lets me get "my sound" rather than pre-processing my sound into a generalized "bullet" sound. Lots of bottom end; plenty of highs, but they're balanced rather than sharp or shrill. I've been using a Shure PE5H for the past 30 years, but the Bulletini is threatening to seduce me away from that go-to mic--and it's the first mic in 30 years to do so! Adam Gussow 2/14/16 harmonica gear group on FB
When I head into the studio or tour overseas, I can’t always be certain what kind of amplifiers will be available – sometimes the choices for harp are grim. I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying three mics with me at all times --- a vintage Astatic JT-30 with a crystal element, an early Shure with a black CR element, and Greg Heumann’s Bulletini with his own Heumann element. I know that between these three mics, I can always dial in a great tone with any rig. The Bulletini works especially well with smaller amps— effectively creating the sound I would usually get from a much larger amp and giving me the tonal control I want –– a nice round, fat bottomed, clean sound that breaks up in all the right ways when I want it to. The Bulletini has become an essential mic in my arsenal. -- Rob Stone 6/23/17
Mine arrived, was put through the paces, and found to be a fantastic addition to the family! If there was a "tone/lb" unit of measure.....NOTHING would touch this. Mark P Koschwitz
Kudos Greg. Your company name is fitting.. The power and tone that comes out of this little thing...Blows Me Away. t really is crazy. Something that damn small having that kind of power. I can't explain enough how small and light it is. It's almost like not holding anything except a harp, but still getting that hot, gritty, LOUD sound. Rick Hagan: It’s fantastic, Joseph Musquiz. The size, weight and tone are remarkable. It's as if a microphone is not even in your hands, but you are getting that signature, deep, gritty, robust tone that the Heumann element delivers time and time again...only in a much smaller package. Greg is doing great & innovative things to help advance the harmonica world and players. And I thank him. Rick Hagan:
I had first tried the Heumann Element earlier that day in the vendor area at SPAH. Greg had a little amp modeller with headphones you could try, since amps are not permitted to be played there. We had the modeller set to "Champ" and I first tried a CM mic. It sounded as I expected. Next was the HE mic. Holy Crap! I knew I had to try it in the Memphis Mini amp. The video you see above resulted a couple of hours later. The HE element + the MM amp is tone nirvana for blues players.. Rick Davis
Got my mic a few days ago, wow it sounds great , love the size. Thanks Greg! - Bill Johnson
Hi Greg I love the mic! We used it Saturday on a couple songs. Here’s a clip through a Memphis mini. I’m no tone monster, but this is a helpful tool. Thanks for another awesome mic! video John Sturm Love, Love, Love mine!
Cheers Greg, my Bulletini has arrived in good condition many thanks.! tried it out at a jam last nite...very happy, I don't think I need to buy anymore harp mikes now...in fact I will now be selling some.! thanks for your great products Greg and the speedy service. You are a legend..!! Mike Butler
Hi Greg My package arrived two days ago safe and sound and The Bulletini is AWESOME!!! I'm impressed with the tone, weight and how it looks. You did again man...you're really a mad harp scientist!!! Thank you” Rodrigo Reis 10/1/15
From the practical angle, it's exactly what I was looking for: light, easy to hold and vary the cup, detachable cable, with the volume control at the back. Re aesthetics: it looks like a 'tool for the job' rather than flashy or self-consciously vintage. That suits my style. Re Sound: I've only tried it at home so far, but it sounds very good to me. Warm. The difference between cupped and open is big, like the SM57, and that's useful. Previously I'd listened to some A-B comparisons on YouTube, including your wooden mic (Serko Nieminen) but they didn't really sound much different so not sure what's going on there. I don't think they do it justice. On my own recordings the difference is marked. Guy Holford 10/4/15
Many thanks for your prompt service, this microphone is going to be the one I will be using from now on...I love the mat black finish ..the size,and the grunty bass that comes out of this little beauty.. Once again Greg thank you.. Ron Kriekenbeek 10/7/15
I wanted to let you know that I’m really happy with the Bulletini mic I purchased last month. To be honest, I wasn’t sure when I first tried it out because I had the bass dimed and treble cut way back on my amp to get the sound I wanted with my CM element mics. Once I adjusted my eq the to account for the great bottom end of the mic, the sound really opened up. It sounds great! I haven’t gigged with it yet, but have been using it in rehearsals since I received it and it’s performed great. I have a bunch of gigs coming up in the next few weeks, so it’ll get a real workout – I’m looking forward to playing out with it. And the size and weight is a real plus too. Great work on the Bulletini! Thanks, BuddyBuddy Cleveland 10/8/15
Hi Greg, I just received the Bulletini! I didn't waste one second and plugged it immediately into my Kalamazoo Model 1 (which I need to send to you at some point to Heumannize it). I was blown away by the tone. I could cup the mic perfectly with my smaller hands! And the mic is surprisingly light :-) You nailed it with this mic (in this price range and size!). Al Samuel 10/13/15
The mic is great! Its sound is very good, as good as my wonderful '53 Black Label CR in an Astatic bullet from 1940. And it’s so tiny that it is very easy to hold even a chromatic and get a wonderful fat tone! I like my Bulletini very much! Thank you again! Dirk Oppenhoff 10/14/15
I got the bulletini mic and love it. It was actually smaller then I imagined. Really easy to cup and sounds great. Besides the great sound; one thing I've noticed is that the volume doesn't seem to change as much as most of my mics between the cupped and uncupped condition. The tone changes drastically, but the volume is closer than most mics I've got; which for me is a very good thing. I can control the dynamics using several different methods; so I've always disliked the huge volume change that I would get between cupped and uncupped where I really just want a tonal change. Anyway great work and wonderful product. Thanks,Bryan Newman 10/14/15
Greg, the Bulletini is an outstanding mic, especially for players with small hands. I can't think of anything to improve its performance. You are a tone wizard...... Cheers, RCH (Ron Hewitt 10/17/15)
Greg, Love the mic! It has GREAT TONE AND OUTPUT, just have to turn the bass down. I've been playing it for the past four days and it gets better each day. I agree, it sounds awesome through my Memphis Mini Amp. With my Super Cruncher I had to turn the bass way down and it sounded really good. Its comparable to a Black CR; warm and very responsive. Still can't get over the Big Sound that comes out of this little mic. Harp players are really gonna love this mic. Thanks Greg Sincerely, Brian Walker 10/20/15
Hi Greg, I just want to thank you for my new Bulletini-VC mic.I love it so much I intend to use it on THE SENSATIONAL HURRICANES debut album, for which I'll be laying down the harmonica tracks in a week or so. Furthermore, I'll be using this mic for the first time at our big gig with Canned Heat, next week. Overall, the Bulletini-VC is all I'd hoped for......and more!Once agin, you've produced a gem of a product. Cheers, Bruce Hearn Mackinnon 10/21/15
Hi Greg, Just a quick note to let you know I have received the Bulletini and have now had a chance to test it. Having played the mic at a few gigs and jams, I can now say that I am absolutely 100% happy. I have compared it to various different bullets I own, including the usual CR, CM, crystal etc and your little mic stands up very well! Some harp players in the audience last night came up to me and commented on the fantastic sound, so can't be too bad :-) I will certainly be taking it with me to gigs and probably recording with it at some point in the near future. Roger Wade 10-23-15
Hi Greg, Got to say I love the Bulletini Mic. Sounds awesome in every amp i own. In fact i like it better than my crystal mics. Thank You sincerely, Andrew Gonzalez 10-24-15
Hi Greg, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I tried out the Bulletini for the first time last night at a worship gig with a band I perform with at the Saddleback Church. The sound was deep, smooth, and multifaceted, much like the best crystal, and CRs I've played. Absolutely love this mic! James Hirsen (former multi-instrumentalist with The Temptations) 11/10/15
"BMA and Greg H. knock it out of the park with there "bulletini" harp mic. The first thing you notice is the weight and balance the quality components, and how it good it feels. After all this, it's got total BADASS tone. Great job Greg! I love this mic.” Darrell Nulisch 11/13/15
Greg,I just received my bulletini VC. That thing is a beast! Very happy customer. Cheers Jake Kilpatrick 11/18-15
I LOVE the Bulletini. I've been looking for something like this forever. Worth every cent. Incredible tone and perfect for my hands. Thank you. Justin Norton 12/4/15
I am thrilled with the Bulletini. I just don't want to put it down. I never sounded so good (you guaranteed it).Thanks again... have a great holiday! John Applegate 12/4/15
Greg, Your reputation for innovation and quality is again well-earned with the Bulletini. My main mic for a while now has been an old Turner Model 55 (Torpedo)with a white label CR element. It's a little smaller than a JT-30, butthe size of the Bulletini still took a little getting used to. Bottom line, after a couple rehearsals and gigs, the Bulletini became my go-to. It has all the cut and authority of the CR element, but to me, sounds a bit more smooth, without some of the harshness that that the CR'sbark had, plus more bottom end once I got adjusted and a handle onsealing up my grip with the smaller size. Thanks for taking the time to design a mic that's comfortable andsounds as good or better than a lot of prized vintage elements. Chas Lewis www.thesouthside.org 12/9/15
My wife got me one and gave it to me early. Gotta tell you I have a bunch of harp mics, crystals, ceramics, dynamics the bulletin I beats them all and I don't mean by a little bit either. Tim Taylor 12/11 Facebook
I bought one. It's everything itstated to be. I've used the same green bullet with weird element in it for the past 25 years but the bulletini tone isbetter. I have small hands & this mic allows for one hell of a cup. I used my effect pedal with it & it really kicks ass.Harp players dream mic. Dave Chavoya Facebook 12/10/15
Greg, I've been playing my new Bulletini through a 76 Fender Champ all weekend. Finally the tone/sound I've been looking for. Totally killer. I guess the key is buy gear made for harp.I think it's time to sell some gear and buy that harp specific amp. The champ can't compete with guitarists unless I mic it. Which of the many amps out there would think match up best with the Bulletini? Wanted you to know how much I like this mic and I've only just begun. Lou Rotondo 12/19/15
Hello Greg, Played the gig with my band HOT GUITARS,last Saturday night.I must say that the Bulletini sounded great through my Fender BassmanR I (4x 10),warm fat sound.I am very pleased with it,it went down verywell. I find it so easy to hold(hands stiff from work over the years).Thanks again and well done!Kind regards, Joe OCallaghan 12/22/15
I got a Bulletini, which make all of my amps sound their best! Also, I got a reconed Kalamazoo Model One speaker to replace the Jensen that was in the amp. I'm waiting to get it back from the tech after he installs the line out too. 12/28/15
Thank you for the quick shipment. I received my Bulletini today and I have to let you know, I think the mic is beautiful, and the element is downright amazing. I'm so impressed. It's so good. Thank you. Chad Walker 1/21/16
I received the Bulletini mic yesterday, I just tried it out on my Alamo amp and it sounds great! The lows are strong and the response across the harp is nice and even. I compared it to the wood mic with the Shure CM element I bought from you at the Hill Country Blues Festival , what ever year that was, and the Bulletini is louder and I personal like the over all sound better. I'll have to get use to holding it, it is small but feels nice. Great job Greg keep up the good work. (Steven Konopka 2/11/16)
My Green Bullet has been moved back to second chair since The Bulletini arrived. No comparison in tone. You make an excellent well built piece of equipment that I am thrilled to own. Worth every penny. - Dave Haan
I also own one, not only does it sound good with my Memphis mini but also with my modified blues deluxe of which no other bullet sounded good thru. Greg is a true craftsman. Jerry Fierro
I bought one. It's everything it's stated to be. I've used the same green bullet with weird element in it for the past 25 years but the bulletini tone is_better. I have small hands & this mic allows for one hell of a cup. I used my effect pedal with it & it really kicks ass._Harp players dream mic. Dave Chavoya
Hello Greg, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new bulletini! I got home from work tonight, and it was waiting on my porch. After I opened the box, I plugged into to my Kalamzoo Model One, and finally heard the sound I've been looking for. Wow, does this little mic have balls! I'm just an intermediate harp player looking to improve my playing and tone every day. This combination is what I have been searching for. Thanks for making such awesome products. Sincerely, Mark Berg Moose Lake, Mn
Hey Greg, Got the mic the other day and got to play through it at my local Jam on Wed..awsome ..last night band practice gave me a few hours to really play with technique.. I love the tone, the size.. everything. A real game changer. It was admired by all. Thanks again Joe Giansante 3/26/16
Greg, Getting some very sweet sounds out of your mic and RIck's amp (Memphis Minnie). Thanks. When I come up with something interesting I'll send you a link. Mic-->Amp is very good on its own.Even more at the moment I'm enjoying a Digitech RP350 with "direct" amp setting.It has some nice reverb and equalizer control. I suppose it might be adding some gain too but I'm not really looking for a lot of that. Getting used to the dynamics. I can get a lot more out of playing softly with this rig, which gives me more expression at that level and leaves me somewhere to go if I want to make an emphatic point. :)You or Rick used the word "sparkle" at some point. There is a lot of that going on. I like it.I am going to tote that mic when I go to town and try it on some consignment amps at the local music stores. That will be fun. Best, James Smith
Greg; received my Bulletini yesterday. Didn't get to test for too long since it was late and my amp can get loud, but I was really impressed. Though I have a wonderful hand wired amp, every mic I own (several including cms, crystals, etc) boost so much treble I usually have to turn the tone to zero. The Bulletini was punchy without being shrill and I could actually adjust the tone knob. Also the bass was much fuller as well. Kudos on your design! Looking forward to hearing it in a live venue in the near future. Fred Miller 4/1/16
Hi Greg! I received the bulletini mic last week and truly have been blown away! I can't thank you enough for your expertise and gracious manner. Finally after a disappointing and frustrating quest for that ever elusive Blues tone (30 years worth), I have TONE!!! I am still working to discover the best adjustment with my Blues Jr. Any recommendation you may offer for preamp, power tubes and speaker swaps would be greatly appreciated. Ray Pettis 4/1/16
Hi Greg; just wanted to give a report on my recently acquired Bulletini. Today I did a benefit with my band at a large fire hall; nicest one I've ever sen btw. My set up was a 22 watt hand wired amp and a Samson wireless on the mic; no effects. We did one set, but it was 90 min. plus. Early on, I went all the way to the far side of the room and back while playing and heard a nice round tone the was more than ample; I actually turned down the amp upon returning. My band is just a four piece with me covering most vocals and the harp, but the drum set was miked up through the board, and overall our stage volume was greater than usual. Still, I had no trouble keeping up, my guitar player mentioned how well it cut. So, very happy with the results as I now get more bottoms and mids, with less biting top end; exactly what I wanted. Refreshing to add some treble on the tone side instead of running at 0. Thanks again, Fred Miller 4/11/16
I received my new Bulletini on Monday, WOW that was fast!!! I checked it out through my amp that day and was impressed, it’s everything you say it is. But the real test came last night (Tuesday) at my favorite Blues open mic jam where all the guitarists play too loud. Because of the Bulletini, I was able to lower the volume on my amp from 8 all the way down to 3 and yet have plenty of room on the volume control of the mic. Normally I would have to turn my amp up all the way and do the same on the Shaker mic that I used to use. I received a lot of compliments from my fellow harp players last night, stating that “it’s the best you’ve sounded yet”. Thanks again for the great service and terrific product, keep up the good work! I’ll be on the October LRB cruise using my new Bulletini mic. Robert (Lenny) Jamison 4/20/16
Hi Greg, Yesterday I had the workout for our concert end of May in Wölfersheim (2nd Harmonicadays of Wölfersheim with musicians like Dieter Kropp, Ben Bouman and more. I had my new bulletini with me, and after I had it plugged in and played it, all the other members of our bluesharp club, wanted to perform their song wit the bulletini. The sound is warm und dark. I love the size and its light weight. It was worth to wait for it. Best regards Klaus Dreßler 4/24/16
"Greg,_I received my Bulletini-VC about the first of April, and I have been able to gig with it several times, in different settings, and with different bands. All I can say is it blows me away (yes, pun intended). I've played with a 4 piece blues band, a 5 piece sort of eclectic, Americana band , and my favorite, a two man, low rent, blues band called the Fierce Invalids. In all instances the Mic was outstanding. The volume and bass response is startling. In the Invalids and the Americana band I use a Fat Dog 1A amp. It is not a loud amp. I was told several times that I was too loud with the amp set on 3. A rather novel experience. With the 4 piece band I used a Lone Wolf Blues Company LLC Harp Train 10, and after the first song the guitarist turned and said "That amp sound great tonight" and smiling, shook his head. It was the same amp, of course, it was the Bulletini that was the difference._The only problem I have with the mic is that I find I'm having to learn new mic and amp habits to get all the sounds it can give me. My go to mic for the last few years has been a biscuit mic with an old shure element, and I love it. I actually bought the Bulletini as a back up. Ha! Anyway, while I love the big, thundering bass response, I also love that good ol' Chicago, mid range honk. And I'm having to go against all my old habits to make it happen. I know, I was informed that this would be the case, it has just been a more difficult adjustment than I expected. This is NOT a complaint. It's funny though, how much resistance I have turning that old tone control halfway, or more, over to the treble side. Old habits and all that. Even with the bass turned down, or treble turned up, it still can give me that huge thick sound that is so impressive (wow, for minute there I thought I was starting to write mic porn). I also find that the size offers some new and unusual sound possibilities._To sum it up, Love the mic. It is now my go to mic. My next one will likely be one of your wood mics with the same element. Great work on this, I love it._Just for kicks I'm including a video that my partner and I made on record store day. we made it on the 4th anniversary of our first performance, for tips, in the spot in the video. the song, from our new CD, is our take on what Journey could have sounded like. It was recorded in his living room with me on drums, my main instrument and harp, and Andy on everything else. This the Fat Dog and biscuit mic, before the Bulletini._An added note: one of the great things with this mic is that different people will pull different things from it. It is definitely not a one trick pony...I guess I'm saying it makes that elusive, individual expression a little easier to capture. I had fun last night with seeing how many variations of sound I could get with just hand technique. In the Invalids I play ALL the solos. Playing a 3 or 4 hour show is tough. I don't have the vocabulary of a Kim Wilson, so every thing I can do to make one solo different from another is really helpful." Kevin Jackson 4/30/16
Hi Greg,You hit a home run with Bulletini Italiani! Blowin’ my brains out! Gratitude, Anthony Charles 5/2/16
Love it.. Just perfect.Straight through an acoustic amp and it sounded great...None of that harsh, ear splitting stuff...Good job.. thxGreg Jones 16:23 Harmonicas Web Site: 1623customharmonicas.com 5/12/16
Hey Greg- I just want to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am thrilled with my bulletini. Its rich tone combined with a really strong output opens up so many tonal possibilities. For example, I never really liked to run my special 6 with a 12au7 tube because with my vintage shures it really lacked punch (I would run 5751). I tried it with the bulletini and it was a totally different story- and the tone was SWEET. I can't wait to uncover more options this mic will open up for me... and of course, it is a pleasure to hold and allows for hand effects to play a greater role in my amplified playing. I should have done this sooner- thank you!Regards, Charles Martine 5/24/16
Hey Greg! So I just got my bulletini and all I can say is great job!! The mic is effen awesome!! Your company name couldn't be more appropriate!! I'm completely blown away at how great this mic sounds! As a harp player, I appreciate the hard work that you've put in to bring such an outstanding product to the harp community! I can't say it enough, but excellent work man!! I'm stoked to play around with the range and sound that your mic will provide! This is a well engineered and built mic that is just what I needed for my setup. Also, you were right the size isn't an issue at all, especially considering what big sound you get from it! My hat is off to you sir! Thank you so very much for your contribution to the blues harp tribe!!Reverently, Toni Molinar 5/26/16
Well I just got in from a week out on the road less traveled and at my doorstep was that "Bulletini" mic I ordered from Greg.I rushed downstairs and hooked up my rig and off I went....Wonderful tone and deep rich bass. I gotta say this mic was worth every penny. Thanks Greg for another Fantastic mic. I'm sure to get many years of great use out of it. Greg Moles va FB 5/27/16
I used my new BAD assed Bulletini mic for the first time at band practice tonight. My bandmates were blown away at the monster tone I was I was getting out of my Bulletini and Fender Bassman. They actually stopped playing at one point and just listened to my solo on messin with the kid. I give this mic 10 out of 10. Best harp mic I've ever used! Ray McCauley via Facebook 6/1/16
THANK YOU SO MUCH GREGI LOVE THIS MIC So dam cool and sounds incredible !!!!!!! Kind regards Simon Bullock 6/7/16
People that know me, know that i'm somewhat of a gear guy. I see tons of posts that say "gear wont improve your playing" but I disagree. in my case it tends to put a harp in my face a little more often, which in tern causes me to practice longer and more often. I love to try different pedals, amps, mics etc.Sometimes i find gear worth keeping, and sometimes i send it down the road. Well yesterday i received my Bulletini mic (with volume control) I was completely blown away! (no pun intended) I build mics, collect mics etc. I used mostly CM/CR element mics the last few years. I love crystals as well, but i'm a little to clumsy to keep them very long. I have to say that the Bulletini is the best mic that I have ever used! I was skeptical because of the size. i have seen video's, but i can never really tell from a video. I have played through only 2 of my amps so far. (A modded champion 600 with a weber alnico 8, and a Harp Train 10) but Holy S&#@ Batman! I can believe how much more bottom end I can get out of both of those amps! Big fat tone! I'm Really looking forward to trying it with my HarpGear and Bassman. I couldn't be happier. This mic is a keeper! Chuck Carner via Facebook 6/7/16
Your Bulletini is amazing! I'd recommend you to anyone looking for a mic. Best wishes, Alan van Loen 6/16/16
Wow Greg, I'm impressed! I've tried all the different types of mics and this is my favorite. I played clean and with some reverb and it s as smooth and smoking a mic I've ever played through. Love the sound, the seydel classics really meld with the tone on this baby. Hats off to you sir ! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for super service. John-Luke Fellows 6/17/16
I just wanted to say I totally love my new bulletini mic! It is everything I hoped it would be. Great tone man. You got a great product and I most definitely will pass the word among my fellow harp players. Johnny Stephens 6/30/16
Hello Greg & all, got my bulletini a few days ago. First impressions:: love this mic. !!! Perfect weight, love the satin finish, I'm not a fan of slippery shiny mics for practical reasons. Also I'm discovering it's small enough to find more than one comfort position in cupped palms. And yes, has lots of bass. Also I like that volume control is tight & not easily nudged. Great work. !! I'm eyeing another of your shure models. When I film a clip with bulletini I'll share it with you. Thanks PB 7/3/16
Mic and cable arrived safe and well packaged, used it for the first time the other day and “WOW” what a sound.Awesome, loving it :)Will be recommending your goods to lots of friends and fellow Harp enthusiasts.Thanks Richie 7/26/16
Just a little word about the Bulletini. It's simply awesome. I've got arthritis of the hands and it's small size and weight make it so so useable. However the best part about it is the tone. It's wonderful. I know you don't need me to tell you that, but I felt I had to. Best wishes to you and yours. Ian Morgan. 7/26/16
Greg,I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bulletini & wireless rig. I cannot believe the volume I get on my Carr Mercury: i now run at about 9 o'clock position instead of 1 o'clock on the volume knob. And no feedback problems. And the cupping tone is so sweet. You may have some other locals here contacting you. Cameron Sanders 7/30/16
I have been enjoying my new bulletini at home a few weeks, comparing it to my other favorites. I have to admit, it sounds better than all my others. Last night I gigged in an acoustic situation playing at full mic, low volume on a Pig Nose, of all things. The sound was gorgeous! It sounds even better at full Pig volume which is much louder than when using any other mic. Today I will be adding a little delay. Sweet! Lockjaw Larry 8/6/16 via HARP-L *
Greg, Received my Bulletini today, sooner than expected. First Impression: it is Small. Second impression: Wow, it is Powerful. Third Impression: Happiness. –Bill- 9/12/16

Hi Greg, I'm way past overdue in letting you know how happy I am with my Bulletini with VC. I've had it almost 2 months now, and it not only blowsmeaway, but everyone loves to use it when it's up and running thru my little harpgear amp. At 65 I'm a work in progress, but with a harmonica camp behind me, and my amp and bulletini with me I'm making some headway. Thanks again for a great product. Cheers, Peter

Hi Greg, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed using the Bulletini today. It's only my second practice session with the microphone and it already feels better and sounds better than my "go-to" bullet mic. I like an acoustic tone with just the right amount of crunch- the Heumann element definitely is capable of that and with some dialing in I'll finally get there! Kind Regards, Patrick K 10/5/16

Hi Greg, A quick note to let you know that the Bulletini was spectacular in its debut performance Friday night at The Black Sheep in Wakefield, Quebec. Barry & The Blasters were featured that night and the Bulletini was prominent in many of the songs in our repertoire. We tried the 12AU7 tubes in v2 and v3, as you had suggested, but the drop in volume with the Blues Junior proved to be challenging. We settled on changing the v1 tube to a 12DW7. The change was incredible and it allowed the Bulletini to have a much fuller presence. In my view, the Bulletini blossomed with this change and feedback was able to be managed easily. Many people in the audience commented on the fulsome sound of harp and I was very pleased to speak about your fine work. Thanks for developing such a quality microphone. Barry B - 10/25/1
Hi Greg, I thought I’d let you know that I think the Bulletini Mic I bought from you is fantastic. I’ve been looking a long time for a small mic that sounds good and that I could use with my 64 chrome comfortably and get a cup that’s closer to the seal possible on a diatonic harp. As you may know, amplifying a chromatic can be problematic - it’s cumbersome using full sized bullet mics and extremely difficult getting a good cup with them. Now I can finally get a loud, down and dirty sound on my chromatic. It really screams now! The tone is just amazing, and of course it sounds equally terrific with the diatonic as well. It will be my first choice for amplified diatonic harp. I can finally play amplified with the chromatic and get that powerful sound usually reserved for blues harp. I can’t wait to try it out on a jazz gig and freak out the musicians who are accustomed to hearing the traditional acoustic jazz sound on a chromatic! By the way, all the products I’ve purchased from you over the years have been excellent. Thank you! Clint Hoover www.clinthoover.com 11/1/16

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure if you remember me but I bought the Bulletini from you a little over a month ago as a gift for my boyfriend's birthday.

I just wanted to let you know how much he loved it and how excited he is to have it. He can't wait to get together with his band later this week and show it off, lol.

I also wanted to thank you for letting me know about the cord. You were absolutely right, he did not have one that would have worked and I'm so thankful you suggested I get it just in case. He was so excited when he saw the mic but then looked downcast almost immediately after realizing he didn't have a cord that would work with that connector and couldn't play with it ☹ Until he opened to second bag and got the cord. He was SO excited. He went to go plug it in right away and started playing his harmonica with his other microphones and comparing it to the Bulletini and said right away he could tell it sounded much better.

It would have been really disappointing after such a great gift if I hadn't had the cord, so thank you so much for helping me with that.

Thanks so much for everything, he loved it and I was excited to get it for him!

Candice - 11/13/16

Hi Greg, My new Bulletini mic arrived safely the other day and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. You’ve done an excellent job in creating a mic for harp players WOW! regards, Tony B 11/15/16

Out of the box Thur, brief test, gigs Thur and Fri night. The Bulletini and Harp Train 10 is a beautiful combination. This is the harmonica voice I have been looking for. Our band plays a great variety of music and this mic and amp played them all well. Excellent response and killer tone in every style. The Bulletini enables me to get the most out of my Harp Train 10 amp. Thank you both so much for this contribution to harmonica history. Ed H 11/19/16
hello greg I received the microphone bulletini. I've never had such a wonderful microphone! Great job !!!! Bravo! I have a beautiful sound! You are a god! thanks again ! I have a lot of respect for you and your work. You bring a lot in the world of harmonica. Thank you again and see you soon ! Gabriel C 11/26/16
Greg, Just wanted to let you know I got to try the new Bulletini mic last Saturday at Midnight Shift's gig. I love the full sound and great bottom end of it. I loved the great feel in my hands and I loved the way you balanced the high end of the mic making it not as shrill as the most of the Astatic n Shure mics. Great mic I am loving it!! Thanks, Mike M 12-8-16
Hi Greg - my Bulletini arrived yesterday afternoon. As you suggested it flew out of the US in three days but took another nine days to find me in the UK. Really happy with the deep bass vibe of the Bulletini and so much smaller than my heavy weight Green Bullet. Will be gigging it tonight at the Black Horse, South London. Stevie B - NottingHill, UK. 12-10-16
I received the mics, etc today. The astatic is flawless now and I LOVE THE BULLETINI. It sounds amazing. I never thought I'd like anything better than my astatics with crystal elements but your mic is simply amazing. Great job and thank you so much. Jim Q 12/12/16 Thanks again for getting the mic off to me on Friday (in spite of your back injury). I hope you’re feeling somewhat better. It got to me two days later—Monday! I set it up in a minute, running it through the DI to my powered speaker. In spite of the speaker being inexpensive, the sound was/is 5 and 5—that’s “loud and clear” in pilot speak. And on Friday I played at a private party at the Jazz Standard (it’s a major jazz club in NYC). The mic killed (and I think I did OK too!). Thanks again for your patience and for your understanding that I really wanted that mic on Friday and got it the Monday before, so had a couple of days to play around with it. I really like it the size—The bulletini/VC is perfect for me—I’m 5’9” and it cups very nicely. (My hands are average for my size, unlike President Elect Trump’s little hands.

Walter S 12-19-16

HI Greg, The mic is FANTASTIC. I have a couple of wonderful vintage amps...1963 Fender Reverb and 1953 National..but I'd just had it with needing help to carry them so ended up with a (gasp) solid state Fender Champion that I can carry. I used your mic with it last night and OMG the tone! So yeah..the mic blows me away. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours, Carol 1/15/17

Hi Greg. If you recall, I think I told you this was the mic that Harpdog Brown recommended I get -- considering that i have fairly small hands. Just wanted to let you know i tried my bulletini out “live” for the first time yesterday night at Open Mic jam night at my local watering hole and absolutely love your mic. I play with these guys on a regular basis and pretty well all of them commented on the difference and how good it sounded compared to the Green Bullet I’ve been using. Thanks so much ... worth every penny. cheers and than again !! Rick I. 1/16/17
Greg; The Bulletini arrived today. It's beautiful. It sounds great. Going to be in the studio this weekend so the timing was great. Excited. Best, Lawrence 1/23/17
Just got the Bulletinis and cables! The Bulletini is superb ! How did you do it? Amazing! Thank you Greg! - Danny G 1/27/16
"Hello Greg, I've just received your Bulletini mic. Just connected directly to my VHT Special 6 modded amp, I can tell you I've never heard my amp sounding like that: f….ing big sound, that's incredible! My other mics, Superlux DC 112 and Silverfish sound ridiculus compared to yours. Very good job. I think it's the holly grail for all harp players. Thanks a lot." Greg from France. 1/27/16
Recently recevied my Bulletini from BlowsMeAway a few weeks ago .... now while I'm not as good as this guy, it sure is a very, very nice mic ... and when i sound better, i play better ..AND when i play better, I SOUND better :) RI via Facebook, 2/5/17
Hi Greg, Just want to let you know I received my Bulletini yesterday. It is superb! The fat tone with lot of bass is very impressive to me, really comparable to some of my vintage mics installed with good CM or crystal elements. I am very happy with it and it is easy to cup with my smaller hands too! Love it! Thank a lot! Best regards, Terence 2/8/17
Hi, Greg. Got the Bulletini today. I don't know how you did it, but you channeled Little Walter. Over 36 years I have used every mic imaginable. I have a nice T3 converted with old stock green bullet cartridge. Good tone. Does not even come close to your mic. (I mean...my new mic.) Thank you. For once the praise heaped on an instrument is more than earned. Phil N 2/9/17
Hi, Greg. I own a Shaker Madcat, a Green Bullet, an AM 57 & 58, and the Bulletini is now the only mic I'll use. Pat H 2/9/17
So far I've tried it with a (Fender-distributed) '61 Regal amp, with original 1x10 Blue label Jensen (somewhere between a Champ and a Princeton); a new ReIssue '59 Tweed Bassman LTD with 4x10s; and a Fender Mustang III modeling amp with 1x12 (using Classic Fender Champ-Princeton-Deluxe-Twin-Bassman presets). All unqualified winners with this mic. Beautiful smooth bass response (had to re-adjust the Mustang's EQ to account for that), sweet and chimey mids and highs; and, finally, a reason to play the harp with a lighter touch. The Bulletini is so responsive to cupping technique and changes in attack, I can feel already that I'll play with a more relaxed and focused technique, and still get the dirt and dynamics, with much less wear and tear on my favorite harps. Thank you Greg; not only for a fantastically responsive musical tool, but also for ready, quick and accurate advice, fast shipping and unwavering dedication to the harp community at large. Life is Good! ~ Jeff G Denver, CO. 2/10/17
Hi Greg; Just got my new Bulletini this morning !!! WOW !!!!! Thanks !!!! Regards Mike T 2/17/17
Hi, Greg, Funny how I managed to get by for 35 years of performing without it, but once I found the sound I was searching for, I dread doing any show without my Bulletini! --- Pat H, 2/20/17
Greg: My Bulletini arrived sooner than I expected and right out of the box, it felt substantial in my hand. So well made. "And that tone . . . oh the chicks are back. Pass the word the chicks are back!” Thank you, Vinnie C. 2/20/17
Greg it's really funny but I spent all these years collecting mics with black label elements and crystals etc but that little Bulletini is by far my best mic. It sounds so freakin good with my small vintage amps. --- Tom S, 3/9/17
I stopped by Ron Rockinronsmusic Hobdy to pickup some essentials. Harps, Plate replacements, and a Bulletini harp mic.The deals at Ron's are always a plus. I have several BlowMeAway mic's and an array of other bullet mics. I decided to give the Bulletini a try because of the need for a light weight, comfortable fitting, and quality harp mic. I play guitar 60% of the gig and harp the other 40%. After knocking out a set of Classic Rock, Jump Blues, and Funk on the guitar, my hands are pretty tired. The Bulletini provides the relief and versatility I need to stay on top of the eclectic mix that keeps me gigging. I also use a Line 6-G10 to go wireless on the harp, and I play through a variety of Lone Wolf harp pedals which allow me to go through the P.A. One less amp to drag on stage. The Bulletini gets the BlueFrog croak of approval. Ribbit Ribbit. Pat E via Facebook 3/12/17
I have a Superlux D112C (same as the Red Howler) and a Bulletini. The Superlux does work fine and I'm not so negative about it. But the Bulletini is better in every practical respect and also sounds much better, subjectively. As for the sound, it's a richer and more bassy which is what people seem to prize in that style you are talking about. --"MindTheGap" on Modern Bues Harmonica Forum 4/3/17
It came in good shape. Great mic!! Plays well through my lone wolf multi box straight thru to a Pa. great for jams. My Memphis mini never sound better. Sent from my iPhone - JB 4/11/17
Greg, Thank you very much!!! What a difference from the Mexican bullet. Actually picks up my blow notes.Going to jam 2 nite w 5 other players dying to try it. This thing is Wicked PISSA!!!! JASON BOSTON..U DA MAN!!! 4/12/17
Hi Greg, Bulletini arrived today, no issues. Sounds great ! When I have more confidence with playing, I will post endorsement with video. Your product is everything I had hoped for. The lows and crunch coupled with Harp Train 10 brings satisfaction. Also, thank you for including product cards for Harp companies. I will be a returning customer. Best regards, Malcolm+ 4/18/17
Dear Greg, I first want to thank you!!! The bulletini is just the best microphone I've ever played. My first mic was a Superlux D112. I'm not satisfied with its tone (too aggressive, not enough low.) I like the Bulletini much better! Daniel M, France, 4/24/17
Dear Greg, I am really enjoying my Bulletini mic sir..the learning curve has been fun, I've paired it with my custom built 20 watt harp amp, push the amp, use volume control on mic and total control after that, used in 3 different sized rooms this month and I'm playing with more ease and happy as it's gettin better everytime I play...I'll be in touch again probably for back up cord. Thank you again for your help !!! Gary F, 4/27/17
Hi Greg -- Received the Bulletini today and plugged it right into a VHT 6 and then an Epi Valve Jr. Good range of sounds -- really brings the Epiphone alive -- accentuates its bite-- and in the VHT it allows a LOT of usable, crisper/cleaner volume with nice horn-like tones while adding some needed bottom. Like trying to describe wine. Thanks for the fast service! Congrats on a nice product. --- Howard M - 4/27/17
Hallo Greg. I simply want to say "Thank you" for this Bulletini Mic. It is of course very easy to handle, sounds great, cuts through very well in my sometimes loud rockband,sounds very punchy when cupped and also very cool for acoustic passages, works still very strong with the volume turned down. None of my playing gets lost.Just great! Got the feeling that it won´t be the last mic I have ordered from you. All the best! --- Rainer S - 4/27/17 Greg I got that little Monster and it's GREAT. You never cease to amaze me.....This is so powerful and since I have small hands it's perfect. Thank you for your down to earth attitude also. You always are willing to help and your one hell of a nice guy. Hope to meet with you someday. I will be telling everyone I see about it also. Take care. KOH Joey "Brasso" W - 4/28/17
WOW! Your creation is AWESOME! I finally returned from a ton of travel to try my new Bulletini. This mic is fantastic! I compared it back and forth with my Green Bullet on a cheap solid state amp. The Bulletini is much easier to hold, is clearly louder, and has deeper, bluesy tones. My Green Bullet is officially for sale! Thanks Greg! I have my first gig in a couple of weeks & cannot wait to welcome my new Bulletini to the stage! Very Well Done! Cheers, Gary C - 5/2/17
Hi Greg, Got my Bulletini-VC today and I love it! I've tried a bunch of mics and the Bulletini is my favorite! Not a pro by any stretch of the imagination - just a guy who enjoys playing the blues on the harmonica. Anyway, just had to let you know. Thanks! Bruce -- 5/7/17
Hi Greg! I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help in getting me connected with your Bulletini microphone. Not being technically inclined, it helped to have you explain what I may need and why so I could make my own decision. Thanks also for the information you sent with my order. I have to say your company is aptly named because that's what my experience has been after playing with the bulletini the last few days! The sound is so fat and dense that I feel like I have more control than I've ever had over the tone I can produce cupping it. I don't have to cup extremely tight to get a deep sound. I can just relax and let the harmonica do the work with the mic. It sounds great coming through my cheap Hohner tube amp that I think I'm all set with the sound I need to drive it through the larger Roland amp. I've only scratched the surface as far as the controls on the amps working together with the volume dontrol, but I wanted to say thanks for amking this mic because it has me more excited about playing harp than I've been in a long time. P.S You can thank YouTube and Tomlin Leckie in particular because it was his review of various mics that got me to move forward with contacting you! Jim P 5/29/17
Hi Greg I have now started using my new Bulletini and I like it very much. Amazing sound and perfect size. I'm probably never going to use my Green Bullet again. Thanks! Steffe -- Standard Selection Blues Band -- Sweden 5/30/17
Lotta guys are afraid of bullets,not me I live outside of Baltimore..Seriously get a Bulletini it's the best 200$ I've spent in ages..It tops all my mics,and I've got a few..but that's not to say you can't get good tone out of many different types of mics,, the 'tini is just easy to get there. Left C via Faacebook 6/1/17
I got a chance to work with one of my customer's Chicago 32-20 amp, his delay pedal and the Bulletini... holly Mother of God... just amazing! -- Bruce Collins of Missoin Amps via FB 6/1/17
I absolutely swear by my Bulletini, works brilliantly through absolutely anything valve (tube) wise. Fantastic sounding piece of kit. -- Tony B via Faacebook 6/1/17
Ok, got mine in yesterday and I'll be damned if not BLOWN AWAY! After 20 plus years of trying JT-30s, Green bullets and whatever vintage mics I could find I have finally found that elusive tone I've been chasing. Wow! Joe R via FB 6/3/17
Hi Greg, How are you? I'm writing to you just to tell you how fantastic your Bulletini is. As you know, I´m from Spain and in Seville where I live, I showed Mingo Balaguer the mic and it blew his mind. Mingo is a good friend of mine who lives also in Seville and he´s a fantastic player (Seydel endorser) and also gave me some lessons years ago. You can check him out in youtube if you want to. So I recomended him to get in touch with you in order to buy a Bulletini and, as we already know, he finally got one with the volume control as mine. In my opinion, the size of this mike fits in any kind of hand and it has a deep bottom sound. It´s by far the best mic I´ve ever played in my whole harp life. Needless to say, it works perfect with my Kalamazoo, it´s an unbeatable duo!!! The Heumann Element is awesome and the volume control is very smooth and responds nice and effectively. Great work!!! Bulletini has become a classic and a reference in our loved harmonica world. I´m pretty sure. Congrats, Mr Heumann ;) Cheers, Rafa G ---- 6/7/17
...By the way as you already know this mic kicks ass! -- Dennis B, 6/10/17
I love the Heumann Element in the Bulletini that I bought from you. It is one of the few mics I carry with me overseas because I never know what amps they will give me — and the Bulletini sounds especially great through smaller amps. --- Rob Stone 6/12/17
I got a Bulletini from you about 1 ½ years ago and it has become my favorite mic to the extent that I don’t like playing other mics – they don’t sound or feel nearly as good to me as yours. So it makes sense to me to get another one so I will have more than one go-to mic. Your mic has spoiled me. Anyway, I had toyed with getting your wireless system about 6 months after I got the bulletini, but didn’t do it then. I think it want to do that now as well. -- Set 6/19/17
I just wanted to say after trying your Bulletini mic into all of my harp amps, I am not dissapointed! Sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for the great design! I have already let out an advertisement for you. -- John C. 6/19/17
I have a collection of 8 mics including 2 NOS green bullet with black label and 2 EV605'S and a EV630 to name a few; however the Bulletini makes all 8 of my vintage amps sound the best ! -- Steve K. 6/22/17
So I got the Bulletini a few weeks ago...just a word to tell you how much i like it. I've played it through a PA, tube and solid state amps, with and without pedals and it is impossible to get anything but a fantastic tone from this mic. Been to a couple of jams with it and it has quickly become my main microphone. Thanks again for the great service. Best regards, Trace 6/23/17
I have a number of small vintage amps. Before the Bulletini, I would use different mics for different amps. Fender Princeton amp: Green Bullet with NOS Black Label, Harmony H305A: Green Bullet with NOS Black Label, Kalamazoo: Model One: EV605, Silvertone 1472: JT30 with 99G86, Silvertone 1451: Shaker mic, Univox U45B: JT30 with 99G86, however the Bulletini seems to make all of my amps sound the best! I just got a Harmony H304 and after trying all of those mics, I prefer the Bulletini as it gives it warmth crunch bottom volume and fullness while maintaining clarity. Steve K via Facebook 6/29/17
Wow Greg, I'm impressed! I've tried all the different types of mics and this is my favorite. I played clean and with some reverb and it s as smooth and smoking a mic I've ever played through. Love the sound, the seydel classics really meld with the tone on this baby. Hats off to you sir ! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for super service . John-Luke 7/5/17
I really can't say enough about the Bulletini. I've been searching for the perfect mic for 35 years and for me this is the real deal. I'm a sculptor and because of my work have arthritis in my hands and have a hard time holding my green bullet, and the Bulletini was the answer to my problems. It's so lightweight and so easy to hold. I recommend spending the extra money for the volume control, it means I don't have to be at the mercy of the soundman. Patrick H via Facebook 7/9/17
I have a shaker and bulletini in my collection. Bulletini is by far a better sounding and much stronger output mic. I have at least 20 mic's in my collection and the Bulletini ranks in the top 3. Chuck C via FB 7/10/17
Great little mic. I severed tendons on a couple of fingers on my mic holding hand about 4 months ago and needed something smaller & lighter than my Sure Bullets and Turners to continue playing gigs so I purchased the Bulletini. Man, I have to tell you it did the trick. The size and weight perfect; could even cup it a bit with a cast/brace on. And the sound was way better than expected. A nice deep low end. A big full sound throughout my harp range. I play with a lot of seasoned talented musicians and I got some really favorable unsolicited comments on the great sound. That element rocks. My hand is just back to full use, and after hours of switching back and forth between 6 different Mics during practice sessions, I've got to say that none of the mics have the gritty bottom end that the Bulletini has. At least with my style of playing and off of the custom amp I use. Tom J via FB 7/10/17
Hi Greg, I want to tell you how much I love my Bulletini!! Thank you for creating such a great Harp mic! --Phillip S 7/11/17
Hey Greg - Just got the mic - WOW!! Remarkable! I can't believe what you accomplished in such a small package! Great sound, great tone. I like beefy it sounds! Again, it's remarkable how you got all this in such a small package. It will certainly take some getting used to. I'm used to using a much bigger mic. I initially used it with just a little practice amp – a fender champion. And it sounded great! I also have an old Gibson blonde amp from the 50s. Their first amp with reverb. Can't wait to try it with that amp! Fabulous, Greg! -- Mo W 7/26/17
I have played with your Bulletini on 2 rehearsals, and my God this mike is good ! Stong loud signal, rich and sweet tone, plenty of bass body, yet not aggressive. And the size is just ideal for cupping in my small hands. The perfect mike! I love it. Just fantastic. Wow, this has been a revelation. Cant't wait to play it again. -- Christophe A, 8/30/17
The Bulletini arrived today. I’ve only just started playing around with it and it already sounds great. I definitely had to crank my bass and volume way down on the amp compared to the JT-30. Good, clear tone through the wireless as well. Thanks for the quick response and great product! --Gereon 9/2/17
Hey Greg; I love the Bulletini it has all of the characteristics that I look for in great Harp Mic. Strong Bass with rich brown tone, an even mid range with a slightly rolled off high end. When overdriven it is very responsive and punchy; it distorts and breaks up in all the right ways and the crunchy harmonics has got South Side Chicago stamped all over it. Frankly it has exceeded my expectations and because I don't have huge hands it cups easily in my hands and doesn't fatigue me like other bullet Mics do. A truly great product, this will be my main microphone from now on. Don't be surprised if I order another one. Thanks again for making this outstanding microphone. Muchos Kudos --Carlos D 9/9/17
I wanted to let you know that I have done a bunch more testing with the Bulletini and am happy to say that I have fallen in love with it. I used it during a gig last night and have never felt better about my tone. My initial judgement was definitely hasty, and now that I've gotten more used to it I am seeing how much it outperforms my Bullet. The bottom end is really extraordinary, and I have particularly enjoyed being able to navigate between dirty and smooth tones as the mic seems highly versatile. Thank you both for the advice, I'll be sure to recommend the Bulletini to anyone who asks. -- Max E, 9/13/17
Hello Greg. Your Bulletini is awesome! Thanks for your work. You are a genius. -- Luis A. 9/19/17
Hi Greg, I've received my new microphone last monday, well packaged and in perfect working conditions. I've had to break the bank to buy my new bullitini, but it's worth it. This thing is awesome. As you promise, I like the way I sound :-) Cheers from France -- Dirk 10/4/17
Greg…..I pressed the mic into service without testing ahead of time Saturday…..I just ran out of time. The size of the bulletizer is fantastic. I never really liked a traditional green bullet style mic as while my fingers are long but my hands aren’t that wide. I just couldn’t cup and get a good seal on a any of those style mics. So I used a SM 57 which was the opposite….too small. This set-up is perfect. Having that volume control with such a clean sound is really great. I often times play rhythm harp and this allowed me to pot down and then jump right into a solo. My band mates noticed the difference that I had a great sound and wasn’t fumbling with the PA. Thanks so much. Steve W 10/30/17
I LOVE my Bulletini, it was definitely the right choice for me. Playing thru a Harp Gear 2 (a red one, same color as my mom’s lipstick 40 years ago!) I call it my little Margie. -- Peter W 11/2/17
Greg, I have been jamin with the Bulletini for about 8months now and I absolutely love it!!! Jared B 11/6/17
My bulletini I purchased from you over two years ago is still my favorite Mic and blowing some great blues to boot! John LF 11/7/17
Greg, I'm loving the Bulletini you sold me during the fires. Was so glad to get it. It sounds great through my Harp train amp with little to no feedback. and through others too. John L 11/13/17
I received my Bulletini-VC about the first of April, and I have been able to gig with it several times, in different settings, and with different bands. All I can say is it blows me away (yes, pun intended). I've played with a 4 piece blues band, a 5 piece sort of eclectic, Americana band , and my favorite, a two man, low rent, blues band called the Fierce Invalids. In all instances the Mic was outstanding. The volume and bass response is startling. In the Invalids and the Americana band I use a Fat Dog 1A amp. It is not a loud amp. I was told several times that I was too loud with the amp set on 3. A rather novel experience. With the 4 piece band I used a Lone Wolf Blues Company LLC Harp Train 10, and after the first song the guitarist turned and said "That amp sound great tonight" and smiling, shook his head. It was the same amp, of course, it was the Bulletini that was the difference. The only problem I have with the mic is that I find I'm having to learn new mic and amp habits to get all the sounds it can give me. My go to mic for the last few years has been a biscuit mic with an old shure element, and I love it. I actually bought the Bulletini as a back up. Ha! Anyway, while I love the big, thundering bass response, I also love that good ol' Chicago, mid range honk. And I'm having to go against all my old habits to make it happen. I know, I was informed that this would be the case, it has just been a more difficult adjustment than I expected. This is NOT a complaint. It's funny though, how much resistance I have turning that old tone control halfway, or more, over to the treble side. Old habits and all that. Even with the bass turned down, or treble turned up, it still can give me that huge thick sound that is so impressive (wow, for minute there I thought I was starting to write mic porn). I also find that the size offers some new and unusual sound possibilities. To sum it up, Love the mic. It is now my go to mic. My next one will likely be one of your wood mics with the same element. Great work on this, I love it. Just for kicks I'm including a video that my partner and I made on record store day. we made it on the 4th anniversary of our first performance, for tips, in the spot in the video. the song, from our new CD, is our take on what Journey could have sounded like. It was recorded in his living room with me on drums, my main instrument and harp, and Andy on everything else. This the Fat Dog and biscuit mic, before the Bulletini. An added note: one of the great things with this mic is that different people will pull different things from it. It is definitely not a one trick pony...I guess I'm saying it makes that elusive, individual expression a little easier to capture. I had fun last night with seeing how many variations of sound I could get with just hand technique. In the Invalids I play ALL the solos. Playing a 3 or 4 hour show is tough. I don't have the vocabulary of a Kim Wilson, so every thing I can do to make one solo different from another is really helpful." Thank you! Kevin! -30 Apr 2016 (via Rockin' Ron's web site)
I used my Bulletini microphone for the first time at church today. I must say I am very pleased. The tone is full and rich. Contrary to what I used to think, it can be played clean. I normally thought my harp sounded tinny in my in ear monitor but with the bulletini the sound is full and round and thicker on the low end. Probably the best harp mic I have ever used. Dale D 12/4/17 via Facebook
After much research, and after actually getting another mic to save a little money, I decided to give in to the countless reviews and recommendations for the Greg Heumann Bulletini Microphone. What the hell was I thinking? This microphone RAWKS! Absolutely no comparison to the previous microphone in feel, sound, tone and ability to sound dirty. Thank you once again Ron for your outstanding customer service, stock of quality professional harp products and quick FREE shipping. Are you thinking of a great quality mic for your harp playing? Don't think twice... Get the Bulletini!-- Brett W. M, 26 Jul 2017 via Rockin' Ron's.
Received my vc Bulletini today, and I love it, of course. Tested it through the Kalamazoo; what an excellent combo! I’ve been playing through my music partners’ PA system to minimize gear, but the tone with this mic and amp setup is very good, so I may end up doing that instead. I will try the mic through the PA to see what that’s like... The Bulletini is very comfortable to hold. Solid, light, effortless, with great sound. Robbert T - 1/8/18
Hi Greg, I got the Bulletini last weekend and have had a chance to test drive it a couple of times. This little mic roars- thunderous bottom end and great crunch. Didn't think my vht special 6 could sound so good! Paul 1/25/18
I’ve been playing with the Bulletini for the last hour, and this mic IS all it’s cracked up to be. I ran it dry into the line input of my RC-202 looper, adding only the machine's slapjack digital delay. The mic produces rich, clear notes, it’s feedback resistant, it has a warm, pleasing distortion when pushed, and that perfectly fat bottom end, damn. It is also highly responsive to cupping. The Shaker Mad Dog & Mad Cat tout their mics’ ability to respond to cupping, but, somehow, your engineering makes the Bulletini the most responsive mic I’ve owned. I can now say, “Wow.” Pardon me for gushing, but after the several vintage and newer mics I’ve owned, it’s a thrill to have a mic that does all of what I’ve always wanted a harp mic to be able to do. I am truly grateful to you for creating this precision mic. I think it’s a work of art, frankly.--- Mitchel E. 2/2/18
You hit a home run with this sexy harp mic. I had a chance to jam late night and the tone in incredible, and I love the fit and finish too. It was worth the extra $100ish when compared to the sound and quality of other mics on the market. I own a newish green bullet and a Shaker dynamic and they are not on the same playing field. I’m glad I had a chance to snag one these, keep doing what doing and thank you sir. --- Andrew S. 2/2/18
I have a "Retro Rocket" I've had for a few years. I thought it sounded pretty decent. Compared to your Bulletini, the RR sounds like I'm in a box, kind of hollow and muffled sounding. Your Bulletini has a full clear tone, richness and just enough edge (break-up) without going over the top. --- Joe P. 2/3/18
A couple of months ago I purchased a Bulletini from RockinRonsMusic. It was made by Greg Heumann of BlowsMeAway Productions. I was at first apprehensive about buying it since every demo of the mic I had heard was overdriven and distorted. I thought that was just a characteristic of the mic. I like a clean sound and play melody style most of the time. Well I bought it anyway and have been using it every week in church and on a couple other gigs as well. I want everyone to know that this mic can be played very clean if you want. I use it weekly at church using a direct box to connect to the house PA system and it is the best sounding mic I have ever used. Held one handed or lightly cupped it is a very clean, full representation of the harmonica tone. Fully cupped it darkens and deepens the tone but it does not distort or overdrive unless you set up your amp to do so. Even though it has a wider pickup pattern than other mic's I have used, it is surprisingly resistant to feedback. In my humble opinion, Greg has come up with the ultimate harmonica mic in the Bulletini. I have used the Ultimate 58, Audix Fireball, Audix F2, SM57 and 58. All good mic's in their own right but I could not be more pleased with the tone I get from the Bulletini. --- Dale D. 2/5/18

Hey Greg Really like my new Bulletini mic. Used it both for blues and chromatic jazz it is louder than my sure pg58 love the volume knob very handy. This is my first experience with a tight hand mic and getting more of a Chicago Blues sound with a solid state amp as an experienced harmonica player I am feeling like how come I didn't know that all these years? Thanks --- Alec 2/20/18

Greg, I received my Bulletini and cable, and so very quickly! This thing is a tone monster! Having a blast with it and now dialing in my sound with my Peavy Delta Blues 30w x 15 tube amp. I want to thank you for your very fine service! Happy harpin' --- Ron M 3/1/18
Hi Greg , the Bulletini is exactly what I have been looking for. You were absolutely on the money. It’s fat and deep. Also the screw on cable is sooo good. I am very thankful for your help. You knew exactly what I needed. --- Paul K 3/4/18
Just a quick note of thanks and awe. This thing is incredible man! I am duly impressed. You have a corner on this market than no one will ever touch. The Heumann element: all bets are off. Nicely done my friend and Thank You! --- Doug H 3/22/18
Greg, just wanted to say thanks. I used my mic last Saturday night for the first time and it was awesome!! Had a little happy hour gig yesterday and again it worked great. The thing for me was Saturday night was a 3 1/2 gig I’m 64 and getting a little arthritis in my hands, I had no problems with my hands during or after the gig. I feel my musical career has just been extended for many years to come. Thanks again. --- Larry O 3/29/18
I love playing this mic! The green bullet is officially retired! Thank you so much! --- Jim B, 3/29/18
For the past eight years, I've been quite happy playing my EV RE-10 (using your inline XLR volume control) through my own amps, my Boogieman into the PA, and various backline amps. However, it seems that the Bulletini provides that expressive "grit" when pushed hard, that the EV mic does not. So the Bulletini is great for playing blues, straight into an amp. A full rich sound, and responsive to cupping and playing technique. I need to gain more experience with the Bulletini, but I already can see that it is an outstanding microphone, with your usual excellent craftsmanship. --- David G 4/13/18
Hi Greg, I’ve been using the Bulletini exclusively since I got it, delivers the goods better than any other mike I’ve played thru, any type of amp wether it be my Sonny Junior 4/10, Quilter micro pro which I use mainly now or my little amps like the Kalamazoo or the Kay 703. --- Steve F 4/14/18
Hi Greg, "You’re going to like the way you sound. I guarantee it." Whooooaaaaa, for sure you can guarantee that. Wonderful sound and control, it is an amazing mic. Feedback comes on a much higher volume level. It is the best mic I ever played with. Thank you, keep up your good work! --- Christer W, 4/14/18
Hi Greg, I got my Bulletini, what can I tell you exept....woa,woaw,woaw!!!For the first time ,I plug the mike in my vht special 6, I play and I hear the crunchy chicago blues sound !!!I don't need my lonewolf harp break pedal anymore, plug and play, unbelievable!!Thanks a lot for the great mikes that you built for harp players! Regards. --- Jean-Francois D. Belgium 4/21/18
Why have I been messing around with old mics? Great fat tone and huge bottom. I can see now why you decided to make these. Don't get too jealous...but I have a pristine Kalamazoo Model 2...all original...first thing I plugged the Bulletini into...very happy. Thanks Greg! --- Farley P 5/9/18
I play a Green Bullet as well but I recently "Bite the Bullet" and got my new Bulletini Mic. Exceptional sound.......Timothy B via FB 6/7/18
I have 8 mics which are all great for harp but the Bulletini puts them all to shame. It sounds the best in all of my many amps. It gives it more bottom and fullness of sound. Steve K via FB 6/8/18
Thanks for your help Greg. The Bulletini arrived yesterday and I've been playing with it pretty constantly. Amazing tone, coupled with a Harptrain amp and Memphis mini delay pedal and a 500% improvement on my old Shure Green Bullet as well as a joy to hold. --- Julian J. 6/16/18
Hi Greg I got a Bulletini from you back around February just after I picked up a Meteor Mini amp. Unfortunately the amp got an internal short in the power transformer shortly after purchase. It is fixed now and back in my possession and does that Bulletini ever compliment that amp. The sound is incredible, it is very sensitive to tongue, mouth, and cupping postitioning which allows me to get that honk or screaming breakup with ease. Thank you for building such a great mic and your suggestion to try the Bulletini with the Meteor amp. This is the best sounding combo I have ever played through to date by far. Again my Thanks. --- Kim F. 7/4/18
Hello Greg! I have been playing the Bulletini since January. It has been a real tone changer. I pretty much was playing through a modern shure green bullet 520DX for several years, tried out other commercial mics, but the shure became my workhorse. The low end of the Bulletini opened up a new world, could finally pull off some low end gutteral sax tones. I get asked about it all the time, especially from other harmonica players, amazed at the tone that comes out of that thing. My Blues Jr has never sounded better! Thanks for making such a great mic! --- David F. 8/24/18
Hey Greg, I have been using the Bulletini on all of my gigs this summer and far and away it is my favorite mic I have ever used- so much bottom end and balls its crazy! Heres a picture of me using it when I was opening up for George Thorogood and the Destroyers last month Again just wanted to say thanks again! Shane S 8/28/18
Hello, Greg! Wanted to let you know, that I’m very satisfied with my Bulletini Mic! Playing and holding it for 2.5-3 hours of playing is much more enjoyable than the other mics I use. It also has ‘expanded’ my tone! It’s awesome! Thanks for producing a great Mic! Take care! -Todd H 8/31/18
Hi Greg, Just to inform that the mic arrived yesterday in good shape. It is really looking cool, the size is perfect and the sound is amazing when connected to my Fender Bassman :-) Our dreams come true with this bullet mic for blues harp players :-) Best Regards, Romain M. 9/15/18
Heya Greg. I've been away at the Mitchell Creek rock and Blues festival the last few days and this is the first day I've had time out to get back to you. My Bulletini arrived here in Australia on the 18th , and my DI box from Lone wolf, the day after. I ordered that on your advice for the P.A setup . Only have had, just a little play ,but first impressions are, I must say ,...I'm pretty bloody impressed. The Bulletini with the extra little bit more length, than the Retro rocket, is perfect , as the volume control is out of MY ..harm's way,.. until I need it. The Bulletini's smaller diameter than my other bullets, is perfect for me as well. Man...it's got some drive eh....Overall....I'm a pretty happy chappy.. Many thanks for everything Greg. Happy harpin Digby C. 9/25/18
THIS MIC IS AMAZING!!! Greg, been playing with it for the past 3 hours--perfect design, incredibly responsive--the volume control easy access, the tone, expressiveness, great weight, fits right in hand--above all: just amazing sound. I have a Shure bullet, as I told you, (which compared to this has half the power), but I have played through many mics over the years--this one is the absolute best. A real quality piece of equipment. Glad I just happened to read the Charlie Musselwhite liner notes... Much thanks, Dave M 9/29/18
Hi Greg Received My 88 and Bulletini last Monday Works great The Bulletini you put together is everything you said it would be. My hands are small and now I no longer have to struggle to get a good seal. What can I say it blows me a way! I will gladly pass you on to others. Thanks Dennis G 10/8/18
Greg, The mic came by post today with no problems!!!! I plugged it in to make it HOT and man that's just what it was!!!!!!!!!!! Tone I have never got with any other mic I have ever used !!!!! it is perfect in every way!! size is wonderful!! no cupping problems ever again!! great and easy to use volume control!! and it is a rugged little guy too!!! I truly think that this will be my final mic!!! if I need another mic' it will be another Bulletini!!!! warm regards, Patrick Q 10/12/18
I still love my Ultimate 57, but have been using the Bulletini exclusively on gigs recently, and it’s really the sound I’ve been missing in my rig. Obviously good tone starts with the player, but the Bulletini really helps me achieve a big, fat, bold tone that make me incredibly happy. This is silly, but it makes me envision a giant broadsword that cuts through the mix. I’m in love! - Jackson Kinchceloe 1/8/19
I bought two Bulletinis because I never want to use any of my old mics if something goes wrong . Favorite mic I've ever used!--Joe F. 1/8/18
I have the wireless Bulletini set up from BlowsMeAway Productions- I love it. The tonality is fantastic, easy, plug-and-play set up.... in my humble opinion, its the best out there. -- JM Brown 1/8/19
Hey Greg Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you I'm loving the Bulletini . getting a great tone ( warm and nice crunch too ) . feels great in the hands :). Thanks Everett R -- 1/16/19
Hi Greg , i received my bulletini mic and i am very impressed , i have a collection of various harp mics jt30s and shure spherodyne 533 and others and after comparing on the same amp settings my mics i definetly like the Bulletini better than all the rest great stuff. Thanks very much. Geoff B 1/28/19
BRAVO! Greg, what a GREAT freakin' mic! I'm having tons of fun with it. Lots of depth. Gain brings out super-complex overtones -- almost melodious. Still getting used to the new cup after so many years with the JT-30 housing. Way to go! -- JJudson 2/4/19 (via BluesHarmonica.com)
Hi Greg, I was finally able to take my new Bulletini out for a spin last night, and man does it rock. The size is such that it feels good in my hand and it sounds amazing. Thanks for sending it out so quickly, and for making a great mic. Best, Damon G 2/7/19
well... finally I get my hands on my Bulletini... my friend arrived yesterday from USA and the first thing he did was to bring me the microphone. This morning I made a quick test(directly into my Fender Super 60 tube amp... not with my full pedal board system) and all I can say is this: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB ! A small microphone with huge balls ! You created a "monster" ! :) ;) To my ears, this microphone is behaving and sounds totally different than any other microphone I own. It has the bite and the attack of a CM/CR element, but it's more "creamier"... this is the term I can use to describe it. The output is amazing and the frequencies spectrum is great. After I tested it I discovered that I can change the sound from full throttle overdrive to an almost "acoustic" sound by varying the chamber of my cupped hands. Sounds incredible... the sound spectrum is incredible... and thinking about the fact that it has inside a dynamic element and not a CM/CR/CY/CE element... is even more impressive! Also... speaking about the craftsmanship... EXCELLENT job ! The finish is great, the connector is exactly where is supposed to be placed and the volume control is working and responding extremely smooth. As much as I know about volume potentiometers... you used a great quality one on this microphone... ;) so... as a conclusion, all I can say is that you did a great job and made a HUGE service to the world of harmonica players by creating this microphone. It's a great alternative to those good quality CM/CR elements that are becoming more rare as time is passing by... so, CONGRATULATIONS from the bottom of my heart !!! Thanks a lot for existing on this planet and providing us, harp players, with such great products ! Also, buying from Rockin' Rons was a great experience ! Excellent communication and fast shipping. I wish you all the best, good health and keep up with the good work ! :) best regards from yours truly... Marcian P -- 3/28/19
Thank you for all you do…this microphone has the most amazing crunch and honk for a modern element – it even makes my little Peavey VIP 1 sound like a bigger amp! terry F. 3/29/19
Initial reports just in...The bullentini is the finest, most comfortable, responsive, expressive, tone monster, robust and FUN harp mic I have ever had in my hands. Thank you for your unseen efforts in developing this quality instrument...Jay McG -- 3/29/19
Hi Greg, Bulletini arrived today. Wow! It’s all I expected and more. Thanks a million, Cheers, Ian C. -- 4/17/19
Hello Greg, Picked up a Bulletini mic from Rockin Rons Music. It arrived today and all I can say is "HOLY S**T this thing is AWESOME!" I had to turn down the volume setting on my 15 watt amp from 7.5 to 3 and barely have the mic volume up. I jam with others on Thursdays in Tallahassee Florida at an open forum outside a sports-bar called Dreamland. This Bulletini will make it's debut on Thursday night Sept 9th 2019. I have no doubt that it will be awesome. Thanks for a fantastic product. Sincerely, Vince S - 9-9-19
...and it may only be a problem for guys like me. I’ve played harp on and off for years. Even played in a couple of short-lived blues bands, but never considered myself more than a novice. A “wannabe”. Two things to know about wannabes: 1) we live in perpetual fear that one day a REAL harper will show up and truly humiliate us in public. Given the opportunity to compare the performance of a REAL harper to that of a wannabe, an audience would surely consign the hapless pretender to instant obscurity. Of course, that fear is outweighed by the joy we get playing live with other musicians—especially good ones—who love the blues; and 2) we often spend considerable time, money and energy in a fruitless quest for the Holy Grail of “TONE”—that Chi-Town dirt that stirs the soul of every blues hound. We are reminded with each new harmonica we buy, each new mic we add to our arsenal, each new processor that promises to shape our sound “just right”, that ultimately, the road to the Holy Grail is mapped in the person—the performer—not the gear. In truth, however, the “it’s all in the performer” mantra can be misleading. How do I know? Because at long last I have been able to close the distance to the Grail, and my recent experience convinces me I now have the means to make a successful final run. It wasn’t that my technique suddenly and dramatically improved—though I have gotten better. It was a bit simpler. I took one last chance. I added to my cache of microphones. I bought a Bulletini. I went all in. I got the model with on-board volume control. The transformation in tone was instant. By adjusting the volume I could “tune” the mic and my style to get as close to old Chicago as I’ve ever been . What’s different about the Bulletini? It not only enables a performer to shape the sound, more importantly it also enables the performer to “hear” precisely what needs to be changed in order to get the desired tone. Hard to explain, but not to appreciate. Oh, and “the problem”? Once a wannabe like me realizes it is possible to achieve the Grail, the desire to practice and to play continuously becomes an addiction. And it only gets worse as the tone and technique get better. People like me end up spending extraordinary amounts of time in the garage or the basement with Bulletini in hand. Wives become upset. Chores get neglected. Phone calls aren’t returned. It’s harper catnip (my wife would argue it’s worse). So, thank you Mr. Heumann. You have created a remarkable microphone—one that gives bush leaguers like me a reason to pursue perfection, and to ENJOY the process along the way. No small accomplishment by any measure. Mike B. -- 9/16/19
I have my whole career played a Shure Green Bullet.....I just received my new BlowsMeAway Mic.......I agree Mike ......nothing [Harps, Mics, Amps] has ever made more difference in my tone than that Mic...Have a couple of gigs coming up ...can't wait...Steven C. -- 9/16/19
Played my first gig last night with my Bulletini VC! What a delight!. Those of you who don't know me might not know that being hemiplegic (left-side impaired) following my stroke, which makes it nearly impossible for me to cup any "normal" harmonica microphone (especially a Bullet). but the Bulletini allows me to hold the harp and mic together in one hand. And the sound is Killer! Using an amp with separate gain and volume controls I can overdrive it and make the most of the Bulletini's tone! 100% satisfied, Thanks Greg---- Tim M., 10/7/19
I wanted you to know that my order came in just in time for a gig last night and, as you predicted, I was very happy with the Bulletini mic. The size alone and ability to cup to varying degrees gives so much flexibility in tone. In the small space I needed my Peavey Classic 30 volume at 2 to have some room at the bottom of the Bulletini's volume control. This mic has some balls! Thanks for the great service and a great mic! Best, Bill B., 11/8/19
I used to use a variety of 8 vintage Mics for my various vintage amps. Since the bulletini, they all sit in the drawer. The bulletini makes all of my amps sound Fuller warmer with more bottom. Steve K., 12/18/19
One badass solid machine! Love mine, enjoy! Rob Paparozzi, 12/18/19
I bought one after I got to play through one a couple of times and I will never go back to any other mic again. They are simply in a class of their own. Eugene C., 12/18/19
Hi Greg, I just received my Bulletini mic and cable from you. Both arrived intact and in perfect working order. I just gave he mic a little test run on my 5W Swart Space Tone amp and WOW the Bulletini is one 🔥 little number. Your Heumann Element gives a big fat tone with growling lows. The volume control is responsive and even on lower volume maintains great tone! Thank you ever so much for this and now my old JT-30 can take a break cause there’s a new sheriff in town. Cheers, Marcel S 1/16/20
I received my new Bulletini on Wednesday and have now tried it with all of my different setups. I love the way it sits in my hand and the sound is AWESOME! Thank you for the prompt friendly service. Jan 1/16/20
When I restarted my harmonica quest I should have just bought a bulletini and saved a lot of tinkering and expensive testing. I would have improved my cupping technique earlier and enjoyed the tone. A Bulletini and a 5 watt amp of one's choice is a safe bet, and the Bulletini is highly, highly sought after even used (all that by way of saying - there aren't any)making it a low risk investment. Thanks for a great product. Gary K. 3/4/20
I just got mine not too long ago. It's by far the best mic I ever used. Randall M via Facebook 4/25/20
I bought a Bulletini from this company a few weeks ago. Ordered it on Friday and received it Monday. Wow 3 days. Great company and great Harmonica Mic. Now I M getting the sound I have been searching for. Thank you Greg for excellent service and great harp mic . Chuck L via Facebook 4/26/20
The Bulletini is extremely comfortable & cups easily. The vc is smooth & the tone is excellent. I am very pleased with my purchase. I wanted to thank you for making a great product! Fred M 5/10/20
Greg! Your microphone rocks. Thank you so much for creating such a great product. Yeah, that element has the perfect eq curve. Cuts through nicely without being harsh. And you're right, cleans up great without cupping. I'm really happy. Thanks again! Mitch Herrick 9/25/20
I have to tell you. I cant get a thing done, all I can do is play. What a great little mic. My wife passed a couple of months ago, first time in a while I've had a smile. Great mic! --- James E. 10-22-20
I have smallish hands for a male and just didn't think I'd take to the standard Green Bullet so I bought a Bulletini. I love it and find it easy to grip, but really had nothing to compare it to until now. Looking at this, I am so glad I made the decision to buy the Bulletini. The Green Bullet would've been unmanageable for me. Ralph R via FB 12-4-20
I was at a Blues jam last night in OZ and a lady played a Bulletini, it was so much better, and every one else had green bullets etc ,you could clearly tell the difference ,also she only had a small hand compared to us blokes and she told me she couldn,t cup the bigger mics properly Steve C via FB 12-4-20
I own a Bulletini Mic also and it's Totally Awesome! Very Powerful. 🔈🔉🔊 Marcus H via FB 12-4-20
Love mine. Gives me the tone I was looking for. Chuck L via FB 12-4-20
Bulletini is half the size and weight of the green bullet with 10 x the tone. David M via FB 12-4-20
Best mic out there! Welcome to the club! David M via FB 12-4-20
Absolutely 100% The BEST Mic period! Steve K via FB 12-4-20
I had enough money for a Bulletini, a pedal, or a harp amp, but not all three. I went to an awesome shop called Harmonicas Direct in Carnforth, armed with my Hohner Blues Blaster mic. I A/B tested the Bulletini straight into a PA, and the Hohner mic with the pedal, then the amp. There was no comparison, the Bulletini kicked 7 bells out of everything else, it was THE tone that I'd been looking for ever since I picked up a harp. If you've only got cash for one piece of electrical equipment, treat yourself to that Bulletini. Dan L via Facebook 3/16/21
It's 2-3 weeks since I got my new mic, cables etc.. I promised to let you know what I thought about the Bulletini microphone once it arrived from Peter Blythe at Harmonicas Direct. Well, I have it going into my Lone Wolf Harp Attack, Lone Wolf Reverb and Boss DD3 Delay, then into my Roland 30W solid state Cube Monitor ... not quite a full on stage setup!!, however, it's plenty loud enough for our sitting room. I also have it going through an A/B pedal to directly compare it with my Audix Fireball V. I have to say that the Bulletini mic with VC is an absolute joy to use. With my Lee Oskar harps, I can get a lovely "acoustic" sound by taking my right hand away from the mic, just holding harp and mic in my left. Then I can get it to "crunch up" by increasing the cupping of the mic. Such a great variety of response just by varying the degree of cupping. I've never had such a brilliant mic for harmonica. Your Heumann element is great. Thank you for sharing it to the wider community of players in an affordable way. I bet that in one of your custom wood bodied mics it sounds even better. Thanks Greg, and God bless, Bob Biggart ( Bournemouth, Dorset, UK ) May 1 2022