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In-Line Vintage Volume Control - $64.95
For Harmonica Microphones with "Switchcraft" connector

Here's a video of the phenomenal Jason Ricci using his BlowsMeAway Volume Control in performance...

I have recently been using Greg's inline volume control from BlowsMeAway Productions.
I bought this product from him - it wasn't given to me so I am not obligated to write the following....
it's a great product, and it has helped my playing and band dynamics a lot! " -- Jason Ricci

BlowsMeAway Productions in-line Vintage volume control

The standard control
in black-anodized aluminum

BlowsMeAway Productions in-line Vintage volume control

Controls shown here installed on a Shure 520 (modified with Switchcraft connector) and a vintage Shure 533SA.

BlowsMeAway Productions in-line Vintage volume control - unfinished aluminum

Also available in unfinished aluminum

Pros like Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Hummel and Curtis Salgado use the BlowsMeAway Vintage Volume Control. Curtis says simply "I love it!"

"My EV 605 and my custom Bullet have built in vol controls which aren't half as good as yours - they are only useful in the last 1/3 of the pot range- yours are useful through the entire range of the dial. I have a great brown biscuit and a Shure 777 and a salt shaker that I use all the time - with your vol controls they are great mics" -- Roger J,, Weehawken, NJ

"Just a note to say thanks. Your in line volume control is sweet. The taper is smooth and very very even. Top shelf engineering down to every detail. Obviously a lot of thought went into this and it shows. Thanks for one of those little things in life that just makes you feel good." -- Jeff R., Morrisonville, NY

The perfect solution to volume management for microphones with Switchcraft connectors.

The control is slim -- only 3/4" in diameter, and lightweight --- just 1.4 oz. You can position the knob where it is most comfortable for you, so it is not prone to "accidental adjustment." This can be a real problem with on-mic controls as you constantly re-adjust your cupping/holding hand position.

You can move the control from mic to mic easily, making it far less expensive than adding built-in controls to individual mics.

The control is high quality, made from machined and anodized aluminum and designed to withstand the rugged performance environment.

Recording artist David Barrett, respected harp player, teacher and owner of Harmonica Master Class Company, tested this control with all kinds of mics - crystal, controlled magnetic, controlled reluctance and dynamic - and simply had this to say: "I think you made it perfect."

The control is easily adapted for microphones with 1/4" phono jacks as opposed to the standard vintage "Switchcraft connector."

For much more information, please see my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Optional Colors Billet Knobs
BlowsMeAway Productions in-line XLR volume control - Colors
BlowsMeAway Productions in-line Vintage volume control - knobs
Blue, Gold or Red on any volume control or adapter,
for only $10 more.
Note that XLR connectors are
available in black or silver; all other connectors are silver.

Go Nuts!

Let's face it. Oversize knobs look dorky. But nice small knobs are very difficult to come by. My standard controls have the best, smallest knob I can find commercially. However I now offer even smaller, better fitting custom knobs I make in my own shop. Choose knurled or smooth, top or side indicator line (or none), 2- or 5-degree taper (or none) The last two knobs in the photo have 2 and 5 degree taper, respectively. The 2 doesn't show in the photo but honestly I like it best. The second knob has an indicator line on top. All custom knobs are $19.


  • Genuine "Switchcraft" microphone connectors - the preferred choice among professional harp players. (Adapters for other connector types are widely available.)
  • Resistance: standard control 0 - 250K ohm -- best for dynamic, controlled magnetic and controlled reluctant elements. For crystal/ceramic elements (MC-151, MC-127) ask me for an extra-hi-z control: 0 - 1M ohm


  • Barrel: black-anodized aluminum
  • End Caps: Brushed aluminum
  • Length: 2 1/2 inches
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.
I value your feedback! Please let me know what you think of the product! To order, click here. And of course, if you have any questions, click here to contact me.
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